I'm Ícaro Falcão and this is my Portfolio.
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About me

I am a self-taught developer instigated to learn new things, motivated to create good software and willing to work hard in order to accomplish it.

The languages I often use are C#, Ruby (Rails), and JavaScript. I have almost 2 years of experience on .NET environments (Framework and Core), working with multiple systems using MVC, Web API and Web Forms. During this time, I've also worked with SQL Server, Jquery, AngularJS, Angular 2+, Entity Framework, and NHibernate.

These combined allow me to create new projects that are avaible on my Github profile. You can have a deeper look at my personal projects bellow.



  • Angular 2+, AngularJS, JQuery
  • HTML 5
  • Css (Bootstrap)


  • .NET (Framework / Core) with C#
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Java


  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL


  • Front-End Guide
    - by AlgaWorks.com
  • The complete Ruby on Rails Course
    - by Udemy.com
  • RESTful Web Services using Java
    - by DevMedia.com
  • Currently enrolled on Full Stack Web Development Certification
    - by FreeCodeCamp.com

My Projects


A awesome place to share knowledge.


The content is really god (being humble out here guys) and uses a lot of good tech like Ruby on Rails, Jquery, Digital Ocean, Nginx... The list goes on.


It just launched thus there aren't many posts.


My Portfolio

This very site you are seeing right now!


It was so much fun to make it



Task Manager API

This is the Part One of a big project with a Ruby API, a Web Application, and a Mobile Application. In this API, I'm focusing heavily on creating tests using TDD with RSpec, Shoulda Matchers, and Factory Girls. It's a Ruby on Rails API only application following all the best practices that are used nowadays in Web Development.


Following json_api and TDD best practices



Balcão de Inscrições

Web Application to manage events subscription, with a pleasing and easy to use interface for both participants and event organizers. Click to check it out


Big project, developed following best practices and attending accurately the clients requests.


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